Bus Routes

What is a transportation hub system?

In the morning, students attending charter and most nonpublic schools will be transported with public middle school or high school students from their neighborhood to a Quakertown Community School District (QCSD) school hub. The morning hubs will be at Milford Middle School, Strayer Middle School, and the Freshman Center at the high school campus. At the hub, students will transfer to a bus designated to travel directly to their nonpublic school.

Students attending one of the three non-public schools in Quakertown (St. Isidores, Quakertown Christian, and United Friends) will be transported directly from their stop to their school in the morning, and will not use an AM hub.

In the afternoon, students will be transported from their charter or nonpublic school to a QCSD elementary school hub. Each elementary building except Quakertown Elementary will be operating as a hub. At the hub, they will transfer to their neighborhood bus to ride home with QCSD elementary students. Some students (approximately 1/3 of the total transportable students) will be dropped off at their neighborhood stop on the way from the charter/non-public school to the hub if their stop lies along the bus route. The hub transportation plan is effectively utilizing the available time between afternoon pickup at the non-public school and the required arrival time at the hub school to drop off as many children who live directly along the bus route as possible.

Hub Locations for Normal Transportation

Non-Public SchoolAM HubPM Hub
Arts AcademyFreshman CenterTohickon Valley
Emmaus BaptistMilford MSTohickon Valley
Faith ChristianMilford MS, Strayer MSNeidig, Pfaff, Tohickon Valley
Grace ChristianStrayer MSTrumbauersville
HillsideMilford MSPfaff
MoravianFreshman CenterTohickon Valley
Lehigh Valley Charter School of the ArtsFreshman CenterMTHF - Tohickon Valley W - Freshman Center
Pennview ChristianStrayer MSTrumbauersville
Perkiomen SchoolFreshman CenterNon-Public Routes
Quakertown ChristianNon-Public RoutesNeidig, Pfaff, Tohickon Valley, Tville
River ValleyNon-Public RoutesNon-Public Routes
Salem ChristianMilford MSTohickon Valley
Seven Generation CSMilford MSPfaff Elem
Souderton CSStrayer MSTrumbauersville
St AnnsMilford MSPfaff
St IsidoresNon-Public RoutesNeidig, Pfaff, Tohickon Valley, Tville
St JohnsNon-Public RoutesNon-Public Routes
St MichaelsFreshman Center, Milford MSPfaff
United FriendsNon-Public RoutesNeidig, Pfaff, Tohickon Valley, Tville
Upper Bucks ChristianStrayer MSNeidig, Pfaff, Tohickon Valley Elem


The Routes

The routes to the right are the regular daily routes when Quakertown Community School District is Open.  Non-Public/Charter schools will ride these routes to the Hub Locations and will be transported from there to their respective schools.

Days when QCSD is closed

On specified days (dates shown to the right) when the Hub Schools are CLOSED we will run Special Routes made up of the Non-Public/Charter Schools open that day and will run directly to those schools.

Weather Related Closings, Late Starts and Early Dismissals

In cases of concern for student safety caused by severe or winter weather the district will make a determination to dismiss early, delay the start or close schools for the day.  In most instances of Late Starts or Early Dismissals we will run the normal routes at the changed times.  All closings are for the full day.

For each instance of Late Start or Early Dismissal we will follow one of the following scenarios .

  • If Quakertown closes, there will be NO Transportation.
  • If Quakertown has a two hour delay, ALL Transportation is on a two hour delay.
  • If Quakertown has a two hour delay and the school district where the private/charter school is located is closed – no transportation to that school..
  • If Quakertown goes regular time but the school district your private/charter school is located in is going with a two hour delay, we will take your student on the two hour delay.  You will receive an automated phone call announcing the delay and directing you to our website to see the “Special Route” for that day.  (Please be patient while routes are created and posted based on delay decisions by the 8-10 surrounding districts.)
  • If Quakertown dismisses regular time but the school district your private/charter school is located in is dismissing early, we will take your student home early.
  • If Quakertown dismisses early we will call the private/charter schools and tell them what time the bus(es) will pick up at their school.  All students will be transported on the normal routes based on Quakertown’s early dismissal time.