Request for Transportation to Adult Supervision

Request for Transportation to Adult Supervision

Requests will be reviewed and changes will take effect on the date shown in the updated bus letter by return email.

Effective dates will be from three to ten days from the date of request.

Transportation to and from adult supervision at a location other than a child’s home bus stop may be provided subject to the following:

Whenever it is necessary for parents or guardians to arrange for other adult supervision before and after school which might necessitate pickup and delivery by a bus and/or at a bus stop other than that assigned, provisions must be requested through the building principal for a change of bus assignment. The request must apply to every school day. Request for changes on miscellaneous or alternate days will not be considered. Students are to be restricted to one (1) morning bus assignment and one (1) afternoon bus assignment.

A form supplied by the District shall be completed and signed by the parents. The form shall require basic information as to parents and the adult supervisor, as well as a beginning and ending date. Such requests must be renewed each year. Written approval or denial shall be issued to the parents based on the following considerations:
1. The availability of space on the requested bus.
2. The change is for adult supervision.
3. The change does not require a change of school assignment.
4. The change is for a bus route and stop already established and serving that school.
5. The change does not overcrowd the bus.
6. The child is entitled to bus transportation.

Approvals of such transportation may be suspended or terminated if the new bus or bus stop has to be changed for any reason and the student can no longer be accommodated, if new students are enrolled who are to be served by that bus and space is needed to avoid overcrowding, or if behavior problems are created by the reassigned student.

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