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  1. I just wanted to say what an amazing driver Terri on bus 215 has been to my son this past school year 2015/16. My son Evan had full time kindergarten this year at Neidig and his bus ride was an hour to and from school everyday! Thank goodness for Ms. Terri, she built a wonderful friendship with Evan and made everyday an adventure!! I cannot thank Ms. Terri enough for going above and beyond her job and for becoming a positive influence in our sons life! I hope this email finds you Terri and makes you smile the way you have made our son smile. We will surely miss you next year!

  2. Good morning,
    I have seen that route 741 first stops at Emerald Ln and Allentown to then go around on Creamery Road and Trumbauersville Road to come back to Allentown Road, in other words the driver needs to make a u turn, so to make it shorter let me suggest that the driver turn on Emerald Ln and go around connecting with Daniels Ln and Creamery to continue on Allentown. The benefit is that the bus will save more than a mile, the corner wont be congested at the time of stopping and the only two kids that are picked up (my kids) will be a relief since my other son, who goes to a different school, is picked up on Emerald Ln and sometimes is very difficult to coordinate the time to have them both ready at the bus stop or to receive them when they are back. (because of their ages, it is not easy and/or wise to send them by themselves)
    Thanks and blessings! Sammy

  3. I was wondering why there was a change in the driver for my children this school year? We have had the same driver for over 8 years now and were disappointed to find out she would not be on our route again. We live in Richlandtown and my child attends Neidig Elementary. Terri has been our bus driver since my son was in Elementary school and my daughter as well as the other kids on her route in the neighborhood have built a great relationship with her. It saddens many of us parents that she was rerouted.

    • Thank you for the kind words about Terri.

      While we attempt to keep drivers the same year after year sometimes it is not possible. I hope you can build a positive relationship with your new driver.

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