Bus Stop Review/Change Request Form

Bus Stop Review/Change Request Form

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Request For A Bus Stop Change

Requests will be reviewed and you will receive a decision within 30 days.
Changes will NOT be in place for the next day of school.

The following are taken into consideration when establishing a new stop, deleting an existing stop, or changing the location of an existing stop:

1. The number of students affected.
2. The size of the bus required for the particular route in question.
3. The location of other established stops in the area.
4. The buses currently using a stop (elementary or secondary).
5. The safety of the stop in question. This is determined jointly by the District’s Director of Business Affairs, the District’s Director of Pupil Personnel Services and the transportation contractor. This will be done in conjunc tion with guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and related documented evidence.
6. Bus stops are to be maintained a reasonable distance apart as long as it is not in a hazardous area under state guide lines. Too many stops too close together lengthens the amount of time buses are on the routes. While the District tries to keep riding time within a reasonable range, riding time is directly related to the location of the school building, traffic conditions and the dispersion of students attending the school.
7. The following general restrictions may impact on bus stop locations:
– School buses will not be routed over unpaved, unmaintained, or undedicated roads, or roads otherwise deemed inappropriate for school bus operations.
– School buses will not be routed through housing developments that the District considers inappropriate for school bus operation or where adequate walking surfaces exist.
– School buses may be routed only one way on certain roads for safety reasons.
– School buses will not be stopped on hills that may be too steep for safely starting and/or stopping a bus.
– School buses will not be required to back up until all other options are thoroughly evaluated.
– Bus Stops will not be changed after October 15, with the exception of new move-ins or move-outs, or under highly unusual circumstances.
– Generally, in the case of move-ins or move-outs, or in highly unusual circumstances, the Board authorizes the administration to establish temporary bus stops until the end of the school year, or in some cases, until the next School Board meeting.
8. Anyone wishing to change stops for the following year should submit their request in writing, preferably by June 30. The request should specify the bus stop, bus number and the student’s complete name and actual home address. A description of the property is needed if the address is not clearly visible at the home. All change requests will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Please be patient while we investigate each of the more than two hundred requests we have receive each year. Additional forms or phone calls will only delay the process.

Please complete a separate form for each stop location to be reviewed. All forms must be received by the last business day of September or within thirty days of establishing school district residency, to be considered for review.